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Join Us For Our Webinar – Coping With Stress!

STRESS! We all experience it. 

That’s why Sudbury Catholic Schools is pleased to invite you to register for our upcoming wellness webinar in January. At this webinar, two outstanding guest presenters will tackle this topic and provide coping strategies for dealing with stress. 


More Information: 

Alina Rukkila MSW, RSW and Jessie Jones CYW will lead us through an engaging session on dealing with the different types of stress and provide helpful strategies and tips we can incorporate to help us manage it when it happens. 

We all know that not all types of stress are bad. Good types of stress can help you focus, ensure you meet your daily challenges, and encourage you to reach specific goals you have for yourself. However, it’s essential to understand the difference between good and harmful types of stress. Over time, a continued strain on the body put on from stress can get the best of you. It’s paramount to identify the causes of daily stress and manage the intensity of these feelings. By knowing healthy coping strategies, we can enjoy life and learn happily.  

Remembrance Day 2021

This year for Remembrance Day, the Sudbury Catholic District School Board (SCDSB) paid respects to the extraordinary men and women whose services and sacrifices will never be forgotten through preparing a virtual Remembrance Day ceremony on Nov. 11th. The service, which used various forms of prayer, readings, music, and video, acknowledged the day’s importance and was a powerful social connection that included various schools participating in its production.

Following today’s events, the SCDSB has provided a clip of our opening video that was viewed at our virtual ceremony.

The following presentation highlights historic clippings and images of war veterans as well as beautiful artwork and visual displays that our school’s students and staff brought forward this year.

In addition to the video, please see the gallery of photos below. The gallery demonstrates wonderful examples of various activities and lessons school’s had participated in leading up to and on this important day of reflection.

Special thanks is given to the staff and students whose provided contributions enabled us to put together an amazing virtual service for our entire board. Thank you everyone!

Remembrance Day 2021 Video

Remembrance Day 2021 Gallery

St. James

Marymount Academy

Holy Trinity

Holy Cross

St. Benedict’s

Bishop Carter Alexander

St. Albert Adult Learning Centre

St. Charles College

St. John

St. Joseph

Immaculate Conception

St. Paul


What do these three young men have in common?

They just submitted their video to smash a world record!

Skills Ontario is excited to announce a new GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™ attempt event. We would like to invite everyone to participate in making history by helping them to break the record for Largest Online Video Chain of People Passing and Using a Screwdriver!

The call went out yesterday to Sudbury Catholic staff and students to help Skills Ontario. Both staff and students have been eagerly participating.  Kent MacNeill, remote learning teacher assigned the challenge to all his grade 7 & 8 science students!

Anyone of any age, across the province can join the fun!  Skills Ontario’s minimum goal is to receive 251 individual video submissions.

In order, to secure the record please make sure all guidelines are followed,  refer to the   Educational Guide & Attempt Guidelines and video. For additional information, refer to: Guinness World Record Attempt 2021

All participants must sign a photo/video release form when uploading their video. Participants 18 years and younger must have a parent/guardian sign the form.

All participants will be added into a draw for a chance to win 1 of 20 $50 prizes!

Deadline to submit is June 2nd 2021!

e-Learning Summer School For Secondary


The Sudbury Catholic District School Board is proud to announce that we will be providing several new summer learning opportunities this year. We are now accepting registration for our Summer e-Learning Courses for secondary students. There will be several other learning opportunities offered this summer through the school board; this is just the first group of learning opportunities available.

Summer e-Learning Courses for Secondary Students

Summer e-Learning courses are full-credit courses available to students who are currently registered in grades 9-12. These courses are taught by qualified Ontario Teachers across the province. These courses are fully online and typically consist of a blend of online lessons and independent work. Students who are successful in a summer e-Learning course typically commit to working 4-6 hours a day from Monday-Friday for the 4 weeks that the summer course is offered. Secondary Summer e-Learning courses cover the same range of content that is typically covered during a full semester course in a condensed timeline.

Courses are offered in English, Math, Religion, Science, Social Studies, and the Humanities for students currently in grades 9-12.

The Sudbury Catholic District School board will be offering Grade 11 Religion (HRT3M), Grade 12 Religion (HRE4M), and Careers/Civics (CHV2O/GLC2O). Co-op may also be available in some circumstances.

Students must have the prerequisites to register for a course over the summer. For more information about specific courses, please contact the guidance contact at your school:

St. Charles College-
St. Benedict CSS-
Bishop Alexander Carter-
Marymount Academy-
St. Albert Learning Centre

To register for a summer course, please fill in the registration form:

You will need to log in before you can view this form. Please log in using your Sudbury Catholic Username and Password.

Username: (ex:
Password: Same as the vLE, MS Teams or Google Classroom

St. Charles College – Summer School Registration 2020
St. Benedict CSS- Summer School Registration 2020
Bishop Alexander Carter- Summer School Registration 2020
Marymount Academy- Summer School Registration 2020
St. Albert Learning Centre- Summer School Registration 2020

Bishop Carter teams up with Sudbury 5 for Easter Seals

The leadership class organized a wonderful day to honor their fellow student Sebastien Parent. He is the Easter Seals Ambassador this year and they wanted to organize something special!

Michael Cullen (Sudbury 5), Joanne Bowers (Easter Seals), Mr. Mousseau (basketball coach) and Valentina Del Re ( Leadership teacher) worked together to make this fun day happen. “It’s great for school spirit, and teaches the students the value of giving back to the community”, said Mousseau. The boys and girls basketball teams played against the staff in front of a full gym of screaming gators.

Special shout-out to the cheerleading group who were awesome, Trenton our DJ, and Jackie the Sudbury 5 DJ who truly stole the show! Great times were had by all and the school raised $1025 for Easter Seals.

Welcome to our new students!

Hammirah (Princess) and Sultan (King) are new students to Bishop Carter and are also new to Canada from Lagos Nigeria. The population in Lagos is 15 000 000 people compared to the population in Sudbury of 165 000.

The siblings are sure enjoying their new experiences at Bishop! They have experienced winter first hand while participating in snow shoeing with the outdoor education class. “It was definitely a new experience, it was hard to get comfortable with but it was fun and new” said Princess.

Princess has also enjoyed her classes and in particular the use of the Chrome Books. The Google Classroom is something she enjoys and finds it makes her learning experience more engaging and easier for her. She also loves her math classroom where she is able to work in the “vertical learning” environment and share ideas with her classmates. She hopes to play basketball and flag football for Bishop next year.

Sultan is no stranger to the school gym. He enjoys playing basketball with his peers at lunch and has made many new friendships. He particularly likes his Communication Technology class with Mr. Facchini. “He creates a chill environment for us that is fun and educational. I really like the 3-D modelling unit we are in now because I can be creative.” Sultan is looking forward to playing soccer for Bishop Carter this year!

Bishop Alexander Carter’s new cultural room is officially open!!

photo: Cassandra MacGregor (Principal), Robyn Lafortune, Fintan Balfe, Sierra Boyuk.

The end of 2019 was the very beginning of this new initiative aimed at supporting our youth and bringing awareness and knowledge around the indigenous culture. Robyn Lafortune is our new Indigenous Support Worker and we are so very pleased to welcome her into our school community.

This room has been named the “Sacred Room” and the hope is to create a safe place for students to work, talk, learn and connect with one another. The students will have the opportunity to help design the space and support with future mural projects within this space.

Moving forward students will be able to participate in a variety of different activities and teachings that will be facilitated in this space. Guest speakers will be invited to discuss their experiences and provide students with sacred teachings. On days where there are no planned activities this room becomes a safe space for students to drop in throughout the day either to work or talk with Robyn.

We are happy and pleased to welcome all students at Bishop Alexander Carter into this room to learn and share together!

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