Bishop Alexander Carter C.S.S.

Celebrating Young Artists: Bishop Students Shine at Art Gallery of Sudbury Exhibition

The Sudbury Catholic District School Board community is thrilled to celebrate the success of Bishop Alexander Carter and their talented students, Julia Parenteau, Madison Coutu, and Jade Prentice, for their exceptional artwork featured at the Emergence Exhibition held at the Art Gallery of Sudbury on March 30th, 2023.

The event was a tribute to the artistic talent of Sudbury’s young people and was a night filled with awe-inspiring local art, artists, and supporters. As part of the celebration, an awards ceremony recognized five outstanding artists, including two Bishop Alexander Carter students.

Jade Prentice was honoured by the Elizabeth Holmes & North Forte Studio for her print, “The Owl Prince,” while Madison Coutu received recognition from the Walden Art Club for her oil painting, “Dinner for One.” This achievement made Bishop Alexander Carter the only school to receive two awards at the event.

Stephanie Venturi, the Principal of Bishop Alexander Carter, expressed her pride in her talented students. “The exhibition showcased 50 pieces created by secondary students from all four school boards in the Sudbury Region, so it is an immense honour for Bishop to be the only school to receive two awards on this special occasion. We couldn’t be prouder of our talented Bishop artists who submitted their works to this incredible exhibition. We also want to thank our secondary art teacher, Ms. Pardoe, for her mentorship and guidance in helping these young artists achieve their creative dreams.”

The Sudbury Catholic District School Board would like to congratulate all secondary student artists and educators whose artwork was submitted for consideration to this stunning show.

The Emergence Exhibition is available for public viewing until May 7th. Everyone is encouraged to visit the Art Gallery of Sudbury to witness the impressive collection of artwork created by young artists in the Sudbury region.

2021-22 Director’s Annual Report

We are very pleased to present the Director of Education’s Annual Report for the 2021-2022 school year

We thank our Board of Trustees, Senior Administration, staff, students, families, volunteers, community partners, and our parishes for their continued support and commitment to Sudbury Catholic. Together we are providing a caring, progressive, high quality Catholic school system that is nurturing our students – mind, body, and spirit.

Grade 7 & 8 Students at Bishop Alexander Carter Begin a Junior Concert Band 

Principal leads students in band

Grade 7 and 8 students at Bishop Alexander Carter C.S.S are embracing the arts with their new junior concert band! The band was initiated by Principal Stephanie Venturi to provide students opportunities to develop in the arts. Having served as a music teacher at St. Charles College for many years, Ms. Venturi is also the band conductor. 

“There are currently 300 grade 7 and 8 students at Bishop Alexander Carter. Every student has interests that are unique to them, I wanted to find a way to appeal to their artistic side. We’re new, but we have a band full of eager students willing to learn and that’s what’s most important!” said Stephanie Venturi, Principal. 

Over 73 grade 7 and 8 students have joined the concert band – many of which have not played an instrument before. To assist them, secondary students are serving as senior mentors to support them in their musical journey. The band practices once a week for 2.5 hours and already has their end goal in sight; to play at the Festival of Music at Canada’s Wonderland this June. 

“I was really nervous at the beginning as I have never even played an instrument before. After just a couple hours in junior concert band, I was so impressed at how well I was doing. I am so thankful for this opportunity, and I am really excited!” said Sebastian Maka-Greening, Grade 8 student at Bishop Alexander Carter C.S.S. 

Junior concert bands have been heavily integrated at the other three secondary schools in the Sudbury Catholic District School Board, and act as excellent steppingstone for students to explore music, gain confidence and develop their creativity! With the addition of Grade 7 & 8 students at Bishop Alexander Carter, we are pleased to have them join their classmates across the system by providing this enriching opportunity. The Junior Concert Band and Ms. Venturi are looking forward to the season ahead and improving their performance one note at a time. 

Sudbury Catholic School Board Organizes Professional Administration Day Devoted to STEAM

Sudbury Catholic Schools was proud to host a professional administration day for education staff devoted to STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) on October 24, 2022. The Board partnered with several local organizations to create engaging and innovative learning sessions.

Sessions included:

  • Cambrian College STEM tour: Educators had the opportunity to learn more about various STEM-based programming at Cambrian College, and how they can support showcasing STEM in the community. This day included a walking tour of the trades/ technology departments on campus, examples of hands-on learning activities and a workshop with Larissa Hoffman, VP of Edge Factor, who will provide an overview of their updated online platform and how Edge Factor can promote STEM careers to students.
  • Game Design Program at Cambrian College: Educators explored Game Design at Cambrian College with Professor, Program Director, and CBC Radio Tech Talk Host Aaron Langille. Participants got a glimpse of designing and developing commercial-quality game applications for a broad range of industries such as entertainment, health, education, construction, marketing, and mining. 
  • Science North: Participants completed several activities including: SHSM workshops, turtle crossing Demo, Planetarium show and a bit coding workshop. 
  • Connections Between Land and Art: Jessica Somers, an Indigenous Artist, guided participants through a land-based teaching about the Birch Tree and medicines. Participants were also guided through a painting workshop as they learned about the power of the spirit bear. 
  • Outdoor learning at St. David School: Participants learned on the land as they were guided through an outdoor professional development session. Educators spent the day learning outside, connecting with nature, and exploring the various benefits that land based teaching can offer. 
  • STEM Activities with Logics Academy: Educators had the opportunity to learn about robotics and Dash and how to integrate it into their classrooms! 
  • Skills Ontario- Walking Robots Challenge: Katie Cameron, program facilitator for Skills Ontario introduced teachers to Skills Ontario and their variety of programs and services. In addition, teachers learned about the Junk Drawer Races competition. This program promotes sustainability of re-using common items found at home or in a classroom. 
  • Let’s Talk Science : Teachers heard valuable information from Lindsay Shaw. Lindsay is the Program Development Manager for the Professional Learning team at Let’s Talk Science. In her role, she manages the development of the Learning Pathways program. She introduced teachers to Live STEM broadcasts, learning pathways and live events.
  • STEM Storytime: Primary teachers met Ryan Kahue. Ryan is a Program Support Coordinator for the Youth and Volunteer Experience team at Let’s Talk Science. His program of focus is STEM Storytime. STEM Storytime is a weekly series offered on Tuesdays at 1pm! Each week a Let’s Talk Science Outreach student along with Ryan will read a storybook followed by a hands-on activity.
  • STEM Club: Junior teachers met Nick Butt.  Nick Butt is an Outreach Coordinator with Let’s Talk Science. He is manager, developer, and host of STEM Club. Each week, Let’s Talk Science, features a different hands-on activity using minimal, easy-to-find materials. Students will also have the chance to learn from and ask questions to inspire STEM role models.

We would like to thank all partners who helped create hands-on sessions and provided our educational staff with learning opportunities that can be recreated in our classrooms! 

Two Bishop Alexander Carter Students Have Been Selected to Participate in the National Youth Band of Canada

Camden and Julia pose with their instruments.

Camden Babin and Julia Gardner, Grade 12 students at Bishop Alexander Carter C.S.S, have been selected to participate in the 2021 National Youth Band of Canada. In order to be selected, they had to submit audition pieces and technical requirements that demonstrated their high level of skill.

The National Youth Band of Canada is a music education youth project offered by the Canadian Band Association. The selected members will meet virtually to practice together, conduct virtual performances and create recordings. The National Youth Band program will wrap up on May 3, 2021.

Both Camden and Julia have been playing musical instruments since elementary school. Camden currently plays the alto saxophone and Julia currently plays the tenor saxophone. They both enjoy the challenge and emotional connection that instrumental music has offered them and look forward to being able to collaborate and be a part of a virtual ensemble.

“I think it is important for students to see the benefits and rewards that come with embracing music and the arts while in school,” said Camden.

“I am so grateful for this opportunity and am excited to learn from other students who share the same passion. We are both so grateful to our mentors for their guidance throughout the audition process!” said Julia.

Julie Denomme, teacher at Bishop Alexander Carter, has served as a mentor for both students and encouraged them to audition for the program.

“Julia and Camden are two very dedicated students who spent a lot of time preparing for this audition. Their music education has been a big part of their secondary school years and I have no doubt that it has helped them build essential skills and will also prepare them for their future,” she said.

“We couldn’t be prouder of Julia and Camden. As a past secondary music teacher, I know the hard work, talent and dedication it takes to be selected by the Canadian Youth Band of Canada. The skill level they demonstrated in their audition material was so impressive and inspiring! We know they will represent Bishop with pride,” said Stephanie Venturi, Principal of Bishop Alexander Carter Catholic Secondary School.

“Sudbury Catholic is proud to support music education and is pleased to offer instrumental music for all students beginning in Grade 7,” said Joanne Bénard, Director of Education for the Sudbury Catholic District School Board.

For more information about the National Youth Band of Canada, please go to:

Lights, Camera, Action: Secondary plays to take the stage this Spring!

Stage and curtain

If you’re looking for something to do this Spring, why not come to a Sudbury Catholic School play? Our students show off their talents in singing, dancing, acting, stage production and art with wonderful full length productions!

Here are the dates for our upcoming Spring shows:

Marymount Academy

Bishop Alexander Carter C.S.S

St. Charles College

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Bayou

The Bishop Alexander Carter Improv Team has recently wrapped up an incredible season. Coached for the past 12 years by Kara Larone, this was a special year in Improv action. Although always so proud of her team’s efforts, this year they performed not only in a zone competition in January, but then moved onto the Regionals for the first time this past Friday. It was the team’s Style event, Clown, that garnered the most points, and the team has a year to perfect the style and scene for next year’s games.
The best news? As members of the team range in age from Grade 9 to 11, Ms. Larone will have everyone on the team return in the fall to get back to work on the events.
Goooooo Gators!!

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