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Special Education Programs

Purpose and Goals

Schools under the jurisdiction of the Sudbury Catholic District School Board exist primarily to assist parents in developing to the fullest the academic, the intellectual, spiritual, physical, cultural and moral growth of their children.

The goals of education for exceptional pupils are essentially the same as those for all other students.

  • To develop completely their individual talents as members of society and as unique and responsible individuals.
  • To provide them with opportunities to grow in Faith and in an understanding of the nature and purpose of life.
  • To provide programs and services for students with special education needs according to the area of exceptionality defined by the Ministry of Education.
  • To cooperate with other school boards and community agencies when necessary to provide a full range of programs and services designed to meet the needs of students with diverse abilities.
  • To provide within the special education funding envelope of resources at the community school level such that most exceptional pupils can remain with their fellow pupils in the regular classroom.
Program Description

Resource Support
Students who have been identified as exceptional through the IPRC process may benefit from a Learning Strategies course on their timetable. This is a regularly scheduled credit course where students can receive academic assistance on a one-on-one basis from a teacher and/or a peer helper. The Resource program could help the student in such areas as: organization, study skills, language usage, test and exam techniques and independent study techniques.

Skills for Success

Skills for Success is a workplace pathways program, which allows students the opportunity to obtain an Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD).

Overall Objectives:
• to help students recognize the value of the workplace pathway
• to assist students in reaching their potential as outlined in the Ontario Catholic School Graduate Expectations
• to provide students with skills for lifelong success, to teach students sustained employability skills, and to develop an employment skills portfolio

Who would benefit from this program?
A student who:
• is achieving at level one,
• is working below grade level in Math and English (usually two years),
• lacks the foundational skills and capacity needed to be successful in the college (applied) or university (academic) stream,
• may be entering the workplace upon the completion of the program,
• may be a candidate for upgrading at Cambrian College,
• is ‘at-risk’ and may not obtain an Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) in the applied or academic pathway.

To learn more about Special Education, please go to the following website.

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