Bishop Alexander Carter C.S.S.

Student Council

The current student council members for the 2019-2020 school year are:

  • Co-President: Lauren Hoffman
  • Co-President: Jenna Shambrook
  • V-President: Brady Burke
  • Isabelle Vaillancourt
  • Emma Collette
  • McKayla Cayen
  • Izabella Sonier
  • Paige Savard
  • Ashton Bertrand
  • Kylie MacGregor
  • Madison Mahon
  • Tate Turnbull
  • Kate-lynn McAughey
  • Nicole Walker

Message from Student Council Presidents

Bishop Alexander Carter CSS, has the most welcoming spirit for students, teachers, community members, parents, and grandparents! Throughout my years we’ve learnt and lived in an environment where everyone possesses a smile and zeal to learn. Not only is there positive energy seen and felt, but the experiences in this school are also real and relevant.

The staff enthusiastically welcomes everyone with smiles and opportunities to visit celebrations of learning. As being part of student council, we make sure every voice is heard.

We embody teamwork because we believe we are all in this together. We plan school events together, and we ensure that students’ needs are met. Our collaboration leads to a positive environment where every voice is heard. It is extremely vital, not only to us , but the other members of the student council that we work with every individual member of the BAC community.

Throughout our years at BAC, we, along with our fellow students, have created bonds which will last a lifetime and have met amazing people. We are so grateful for the opportunities this school community has given us and has helped us grow as students and people.

In our school, students grow as people and become faithful citizens in our community. Through genuine love, kindness, high expectations, and moral accountability, the students at Bishop Alexander Carter are motivated to be the best they can be at all times and in all things, just as the school motto says, because we believe.

Sincerely yours,

Jenna Shambrook and Lauren Hoffman Co- Student Council Presidents

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