Bishop Alexander Carter C.S.S.

Faith Initiatives

Faith celebrations and Mass

Our Catholic identity is a part of everything we do here at Bishop Alexander Carter Catholic Secondary School. We begin our year and each day in prayer, in thanksgiving and commemoration of important events. We gather together regularly as a community, in partnership with St. Kevin’s parish, for liturgical celebrations at Thanksgiving, Remembrance Day, Christmas, Ash Wednesday during Lent, Easter, as well as the opening and closing of our school year. Students engage in planning and running each liturgy, including reading, musical and technical support, in order for them to more deeply engage with our faith. Each month, we also focus on one virtue/value and Catholic Graduate Expectation or Liturgical Season to help solidify our Catholic teachings and to build community.

Our school is deeply committed to following the model of Jesus by caring for the least amongst us through our justice and charity work, both locally, nationally and globally. We have an annual Memorial Walk, Christmas Gift Campaign, and Lenten Canned Food Drive. We work with the local St. Vincent de Paul Society, Development and Peace Canada, and our sister school in Tanzania, Africa, to develop our understanding of and address needs arising from issues from poverty and environmental stewardship. We are especially focused on helping our students develop as leaders, devoted to the principles of Catholic Social Teachings.

In the footsteps of Jesus and Bishop Alexander Carter, our school community will continue to journey towards creating a better world, Because We Believe.

Pendo Project

Our school community is working with an organization in East Africa to support vulnerable communities and promote education, health & wellness, sports activity & play, and environmental initiatives. We have many events throughout the school year designed to raise money to support our sister school. Some of the activities include our Beans and Rice campaign, selling Pendo Project sweatshirts and hosting various lunches.

Charitable Collections

During the Christmas season, we sponsor different causes for people in need. In the past we have collected items for CMHA Off the Street Emergency Shelter, Mason Sudbury Hospice, Coats for Kids, YWCA Genevra Women’s Shelter, CTV Christmas Telethon, and the Infant Food bank in addition to supporting local families in need.

Memorial Walk

We run our annual canned food drive during Lent every year in order to support those in need in our local and greater Sudbury community. Jesus told us “you give them something to eat” (Mark 6:37). We believe in living out this gospel message of charitable acts to our neighbours.

Since 2013, we have run an annual memorial walk in memory of Mackenzie Rooney (a former student who passed away in a dirt bike accident) and Dennis Dechaine (a former teacher who passed away after an illness). This walk raises money in their memory to sponsor students in need and specialized programs. Over the years the Memorial Walk has grown to encompass the memories of all those who the staff and students at Bishop Carter have lost.

Community Outreach

At Bishop Carter we strive to be a contributing member of our local community. We work with organizations and businesses to build a stronger community. We volunteer with St. Vincent de Paul, we run blood donor clinics, volunteer at the local food bank, community clean up, sponsor the local park, etc.


Various grades and/or classes participate in retreats throughout the school year.

Our Parish

St. Kevin Parish
4610 St. Thérèse Street,
Val Thérèse, ON
P3P 1S5

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