Bishop Alexander Carter C.S.S.

Bishop Alexander Carter CSS Student Emily Rogers Paves the Way in Trades

Emily Rogers, a grade 12 student at Bishop Alexander Carter Catholic Secondary School in Hanmer has expressed an interest in exploring a future in trades. Throughout the summer, she worked in at B & D Manufacturing. There she learned to operate a C & C machine, drill mills, and also learned about boring bar replacement, filing and dialing, along with packaging, receiving and quality control.  

Recently, Emily participated in the Jill of All Trades initiative at Cambrian College. This daylong event encouraged young women in secondary school to consider a career in skilled trades.  The day was filled with exciting, real application activities with plenty of hands-on learning. The Jill of All Trades Day is designed to foster an appreciation for skilled trades and help young women gain an understanding of the opportunities that are available to them.  

Emily Rogers has been exploring the thought of a career in skilled trades for the last 5 years. She has taken plumbing, carpentry and construction, automotive, fabrication, and tech design.  She is also a part of the Manufacturing Specialist High Skilled Major (SHSM) program offered at Bishop Alexander Carter CSS. 

 “Bishop builds an amazing program for going into the trades. I feel like I am ready for college, because without these programs I wouldn’t have been exposed to these trades. It gave me the courage to apply for a skilled trade program,” said Emily Rogers.

Mr. Remillard, one of the SHSM teachers at Bishop Alexander Carter CSS spoke highly of Emily’s knowledge in the courses she has completed. “Emily is well rounded and has taken a variety of courses to help build her knowledge in a variety of areas.  She has been exposed to Autocad planning, oxy acetylene welding, oxy acetylene cutting, MIG welding, fitting, plasma cutting, metal prep and painting,” said Serge Remillard.  

Emily Rogers has applied to Cambrian College for the Millwright program.  While visiting the Jill of All Trades Day, she was approached by a member of the Millwright Council of Ontario. They offered Emily an exciting opportunity in skilled trades. Once Emily completes one year in the Millwright program at Cambrian College, they will hire her to complete an apprenticeship with the Millwright Council of Ontario.  They will help facilitate the training requirements.  

I was so nervous and happy at the same time. I’ve wanted to be a welder since I was 12 and a millwright since I was 14.  I was shocked that he would be willing to hire and train me with my limited experience in the field,” said Emily.  

The staff at Bishop Alexander Carter CSS is excited to see what the future holds for Emily and all our students in grade 12 that are exploring their future in both post-secondary school and the workplace.  Through guidance from teachers and support staff at Bishop Alexander Carter CSS, the grade 12 students are prepared for the next step in their life journey.

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