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 Academic Programs

Advanced Placement

Purpose and Goals

Through AP courses, students who want to achieve at the highest level can earn advanced placement and university credits while still in high school. Pre-AP courses are the pathway for students interested in taking an AP course at the senior level and ultimately, prepare students to successfully pass the approved College Board exam.

Program Description

ENGLISH – This course further develops the analytical reading, writing, oral communication, and thinking skills for gifted students or students who excel in English. Students will critically analyze texts from contemporary and historical periods, including short stories, poems and short essays, and will investigate and create media works. This course will focus on a more in-depth application of spoken and written language.

MATHEMATICS–  This course enables students who excel in mathematics to expand on the skills of the Academic course through discovery activities, IBM netbook computers and exploration. Students will spend more time on the abstract extensions of core learning to enrich their understanding.

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